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Beaches of Santorini
Perissa beach on Santorini


13 km. away from Fira.
Next to Perivolos beach. A well organized beach suitable for families how want to spent nice relaxing moments at the beach.
Many taverns and restaurant along the beach

Perivolos beach on Santorini


14 km. from Fira. A well organized beach with great facilities for tourists bars, fish taverns, water sports and beach volley.
Parivolos is the cosmopolitan beach of Santorini you may even see some celebrities taking a swim next to you.

Perivolos beach on Santorini

Agios Georgios

12 km. to drive from Fira.
Next to Perivolos and less crowded.
A well organized beach. Small fish restaurants and some bars available here.

Vhlihada beach on Santorini


13 km. away from Fira. 
For people who like to enjoy the sun on a quite and protected from the wind. The cliffs of pumice stone protect the beach from the wind.
Organized harbour for fishing boats and yaths next to the beach. Don’t be surprised to see ducks or swans on the beach. They are well cared for here as the fisherman feed them. Fish taverns and a bar available on the beach.

Akrotiri beach on Santorini


The village of Akrotiri has a small harbour and a beach.
Next to the Red beach but the sand here is black.
Traditional fish taverns right on the beach.

Red beach on Santorini

Red beach

Located near the excavation site of Akrotiri. 15 km. from Fira.
Named for the unique colour of the reddish sand. A short walk down a hill and you arrive at the organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and a few places to eat.
If it is very windy else where on the island, this is the ideal place to go for a swim.

White beach on Santorini

White Beach (Aspri Paralia)

Small beach next to the Red beach.
The unusual thing about this beach is the sand which is made up of white pebbles and the larger stones are light white colour.
The only way to this beach is by boat from Red beach or by foot.

Mesa Pigadia beach on Santorini

Mesa Pigadia

Over the past few years this beach has become more popular. A 2 km. drive from Akrotiri.
You can swim in clear, blue water the unique shape of the rocks is very impressive.

Kamari beach on Santorini


10 km. to drive from Fira.
Very clean sea and black rocky sand. You can find water sports and scuba diving on this well organized beach.
Boat excursions to and from Perissa beach.
The mountain of Profitis Ilia separates the two beaches

Monolithos beach on Santorini


7 km. away from Fira.
It is the most suitable beach for families with small children.
As the sand is fine and the water is shallow.
You can relax on the beach and your children can play in the sea and without worry.
There are a few taverns if you get hungry.

Vourvoulos beach on Santorini


In the harbour of Vourvoulos you'll find a large sandy beach next to the small fishing port.
An organized beach, suitable for families with taverns serving fresh fish.

Pori beach on Santorini


Pori is another beach on the way to Oia. About 8 km. away from Fira. It is situted between Vourvoulos beach and Koloumbo.
A quiet beach with dark reddish stones.
No tourist facilities.
Bring water with you if you go there for a swim.

Kolobou beach on Santorini


3 km. from Oia.
Not organized beach, no facilities. A quiet sandy beach.
Bring drinking water with you.

Amoudi beach on Santorini


Amoudi located below the village Oia. You can reach this small picturesque harbour from Oia on foot going down 200 steps or by car
The colour of the water is green blue in contrast to the red black lava cliffs. Excellent fish taverns.
If you'd like a change you can take a boat and visit the neighbouring island of Thirasia.