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Thera or Santorini

Euro 68,00 plus postage

Thera or Santorini - A Creation of the Ashes 2003 (Hardcover)

Edition Meis Studio, George Meis, Manolis Glesos, Voula Bosineki Didoni, Giorgis Vougioukalakis

George Meis, originally fashion photographer, has turned to the publishing of Greek natural heritage away from the beaten track. He is one of the most well-known Greek photographers of our times. His panoramas are considered avantgardistic and have been included in the international Fine Art, which portrays the works of great painters and of a few selected photographers. George Meis photographs with a Roundshot Super 220 VR.

Santorini Wall-paintings

Euro 47,00 plus postage

The Wall Paintings of Thera (Hardcover)
by Christos Doumas Director of Excavations at Akrotiri

If like me you're interested in ancient wall paintings, this is a book for you. There are not many books about this subject, and I was very happy to find it. My fascination with these paintings is the joy and happiness they portray. The vibrant way people, birds, dolphins and flowers are portrayed by these ancient artists show a enormous love for life itself. That makes these paintings so special for me, much more than just their historical meaning. Now don't expect a very thick book with photographs of many wall paintings in prime condition. That is impossible with this archeological subject. And the male homoeroticism aspect can be found with some imagination, but only if you realy look for it. The book itself is of a very high quality, printed on high gloss thick paper and with excellent photographs.

Santorini a guide to the island

Euro 10,00 plus postage

Santorini: A guide to the island and its archaeological treasures

by Christos Doumas Director of Excavations at Akrotiri
The island of Santorini casts a magic spell on those who visit it whatever their interests or preferences may be.
The specialised geologist will find in the walls of the calderaa unique stratigraphical museum of volcanic provenance. The vulcanologist and the curious find interest in the dormantvolcano. The archeologist, the archaeophile and art lover in general cannot but admirethe archaeological wealth of the island wich spans virtually the entire cultural history of the Aegean.

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