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Santorini museums

 Museum of Prehistoric Thera.

This museum is in Fira the capital of Santorini. Here you can admire pieces of art from the prehistoric Aegean period.
The famous wall paintings and the gold ibex figurine are only two of the trasures you will see at this high popular museum.
 Tel: +30 22860 23217

  Archeological Museum

The Archeological museum is also in Fira close to the cable car. This museum shows the island's great history.
You will find a large collection of inscriptions and sculpture from the Archaic until the Roman period. From the Geometric until the Hellenistic period you can see clay figures and all sizes and shapes of vases. 
Tel: +30 22860 22217

The Wall Paintings of the exhibitions of Thera

On the way to Firostefani on the scenic path at the conference centre of Petros M. Nomikos you'll find the reproductions of the wall paintings which were found at the excavations in Akrotiri. The reproductions are of the original size and shape and three dimensional.
Tel: +30 22860 23016-19


Megaro Gyzi

Megaro Gyzi is in Fira in the viscinity of the Catholic Church. It's an old mansion which an exhibition engravings from the 16th up to 19th centuries.
In this museum you can see old photos and manuscripts from Santorini prior the big earthquake in 1956 as well as paintings by Greek artists.
Tel: +30 22860 23077  


Folklore Museum

This museum is located in the village of Kontohori, in a cave house built in 1861. You can see traditional old workshops of barremakersl, shoemakers, blacksmiths and carpenters. Also a typical winery.

Tel: +30 22860 22792

Traditional Village “Vanishing Santorini”

The Traditional Village museum is in the village of Pyrgos in an old "Canava".
You can see how the people of the island lived in years gone by.
Tel: +30 22860 31101


Wine Museum

The wine museum is located on the way to Kamari in the winery of Volcan Wines.
It shows as the history of wine in Santorini from 1660 until the present day.
The exhibition includes stationary and moving figures and sound effects.
Tel: +30 22860 31322


Naval Museum 

This museum is located in Oia . You can take a look at the marina history of the island during the 19th century. It also has a nice library and a large collection of photography. You will learn the history of Santorini shipping and the Greek Navy during the past.    
Tel: +30 22860 71156


Museum of Minerals & Fossils

Located in the vilage of Perissa in the central square.
This will be its first year of operation and you can admire fossils and minerals from Santorini, Greece and all over the world.
Tel: +30 6977260048