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Villages of the island
Fira the capital of Santorini island


Fira is the centre from Sanorini built on the edge of the caldera. You'll find great deal of tourist activity lot of shops, jewellery shops, bars and clubs. Everything you'll need is here.
You can enjoy drinks or dinner looking at the mystical colours of the sunset.
Fira offers banks, post office, health centre, pharmacies.
As you look down into the Caldera, you can see the small harbour of Fira.
If you want to visit the old port, you can go down by cable car or by foot walking down the 570 steeps.
On the way up you can take the famous donkey ride.

Firostefani village on Santorini


Firostefani is 1, 5 km from Fira the next village on the road to Oia (Ia). It is quite village with a magical view.

You'll find some small places to eat and some tourist shops.Nice walk on the cliff side from Firostefani to Fira during the sunset time.

One of the churches of Kontohori village


It is difficult to tell where this village actually starts as it is so close to Fira.
Walking through the narrow streets you can admire the different architecture style of each house.
Quit village with a lots of rooms to rent very close to the centre.

Imerovigli village on Santorini


Imerovigli is a village 3 km from Fira on the way to Oia (Ia).
Many hotels and rooms are on the cliff side so it's perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view.
You won't find any nightlife, but there are some shops and restaurants.

Vourvoulos village on Santorini


Vourvoulos is a tranquil and traditional village close to Imerovigli and 4 k.m. from Fira.
The view is not on the Caldera side but looking over the grapefields and the blue sea.
There are not a great deal of tourist facilities.

Oia (Ia) village on Santorini

Oia (Ia)

Oia is 11 km from the centre the most romantic and colourful village of Santorini. You will see the most beautiful sunset in the world from here.
After the sunset, have a look at the art galleries, antiquates, ornate jewellery stores, small coffee shops with homemake pastries, tavernas and restaurants.
Oia has some of the most beautiful hotel of Santorini.
When yo come to Santorini, a visit to Oia is a must.

Karterados vllage on Santorini


Karterados is a small inland village only 2 km from Fira the capital.
You'll find hotels and places in the main square of the village.
Walking along the cobbled strets, you will see traditional houses, some with Venetian architecture.

Messaria village on Santorini


Messaria is a village in the central part of the island and 4 km from the capital.
It was once the centre of industry and development.
Now it offers variety of accommodation and shops.

Vothonas village on Santorini


Vothonas is a quite village very close to Messaria.
It is built up a large gorge so it is protected from the strong winds.
It is nice to do a walk in the village and discover the landscape of Santorini.

Exo Gonia on Santorini

Exo Gonia, Mesa Gonia

Two traditional villages very close to ache other. 10 km from Fira. Few tourist facilities. It's worth a visitto these two villages for the fatastic view.

Kamari village on Santorini


Kamari is a village with great tourist activity. To reach it you have to drive 10 km from Fira.
It's the perfect place for people who like to relax on the 2 km black sandy beach.
Lots of hotels, places to eat and great shops on the sea font. Kamari is a place where you'll find everything to need fr a great holiday.

Pyrgos village on Santorini


Pyrgos is 8 km from Fira. It is built up a small hill so you can see this village from all over the island.
The view from the top of the village is fantastic. You can see the entire island and their neighbouring islands.
To reach the top of Pyrgos you have to walk up the narrow streets passing the old Kastelli to enjoy the view. You'll find some tourist shops, cafes, tavernas and restarants.

Megalohori village on Santorini


Megalohori is a quite traditional village 9km from Fira.
It is built among the wineyards so the main activity of the people is the production of wine. Walking through the village you will impressed by the architecture of the houses. You'll also find some old canavas where wine was made in the past.
In the village square, there are some good places to eat.

Akrotiri village on Santorini


Akrotiri is built on the way to the 15 km away from Fira. 
In this village you can find some lovely places to stay with a fantastic view of the Caldera.
The archaeological excavations are 2 km away from Akrotiri.
Visit the lighthouse and see another side of the Caldera.
It is worth viewing the sunset from here.

Emporio village on Santorini


Emborio is the largest village of Santorini . It is 12 km from Fira and built arount an old castelli. It doesn’t have great tourist activity.
Visit Emborio and walk up to the Kastelli. It is interesting to see how it was built and some people actually live at the Kastelli.
You'll find some shops, coffee shops, post office and pharmacy all on the main road on the way to the Perissa beach.

Perissa village on Santorini


Perissa is a touristy village that opens when the summer season begins. It is 12 km from Fira.
The shops usually open around end of and closeat the end of October. Perissa is a busy tourist town.
You'll find hotels, rooms to let, shops, taverns and restaurants all open during the summer time.