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The Volcano
Santorini is a very popular island and the volcano is one of it's hot spots.
The Volcano of Santorini island
As you know the volcano is an island in the middle of the Caldera. The volcano actnalty consists of two islands, Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni. Palea Kameni is old, about 2.000 years old and Nea Kameni came into existance about 430 years ago. The last volcanic activity was 50 years ego.
  You can visit the volcano by boat. There are many day cruises that goes to the Volcano. As you leave the boat, you can walk to the crater, the closer you get, the smell of sulphur is apparent and at some points of the crater smoke and gas rise.  

After an impressive walk on the volcano the boat tripp is a good opportunety to view the different colours of the lava.

Don’t miss the swim at the Hot Sprigs. The Hot Springs is a small bay on Palea Kameni the water here is green and warm. It is the perfect way to relax  after the volcano walk.

The small habour of the Volcano

After your swim take advatage of the great photo of the panoramic view of the white houses of the Santorini cascading down the cliffs.